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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First, I'd really like to thank anyone who visits our site - wether it be once after seeing a strange result pop up in your Google search or if you visit this page once/twice/thrice a week, all of it is appreciated. Back when things started rolling in April, I had no idea that this website would become what it is now. I've personally experienced a lot of positive feedback from people who visit the site, which gives me more motivation to do it bigger and better and show people my vision for this whole movement.

What is this "movement" that I'm talking about? It breaks down into a very simple criteria: Anyone that I know or have met during the course of my lifespan, who is doing some QUALITY work, I want to help share what you're doing with the world. From our friends Stinkyburger who produce some of the most entertaining and oddball films/web shows I've ever seen, to Renny Rugah who gets to be part of interviews with big names such as DJ Vlad of VladTV and cover Industry events. I want to help everyone who is connected with me and through me achieve their goals, because at the end of the day that's what motivates and excites me. I get off on helping others take that step closer to making their dreams tangible. Besides, were all pretty much in the same ocean heading towards the same shore -  ya digg?

So to anyone who reads this, I hope this message acts as me grabbing you by the shoulders and giving you a good, hard shaking. Don't be afraid to work towards making your dreams come true, because they won't if you stop trying. This website was created to help anyone who is trying to do that. If you're a fan of this site and find something interesting you think we'd enjoy, please share! It's a wonderful thing to interact and exchange ideas/words with everyone who visits our little strip of interwebz. And if you like what we do, let your friends know! our best form of marketing and promotion is people telling their friends about us using Facebook/Twitter. Repost cool shit that you find on our site or Re-Tweet any tweets you enjoy, it helps us more than you know. Don't be afraid to contact us, or walk up to us personally about your ideas, your projects, or anything that you are passionate about. We need to pass that potion around in this mundane, deprived society.

In the near future you can expect to see some really big changes to this website. As in, youre gonna probably shit yourself when you see what we're working on at the moment. I'm letting everyone know RIGHT NOW, this shit is gonna get a bit crazy, but in a great way. You ready?

AIM: Thenameisgandhi



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