Tiger V Food 2: Ground Round

Monday, August 24, 2009

After Cheeburger Cheeburger's "Pounder" got demolished. Jay suggested that he try his eating mettle at a more challenging establishment. He seemed very interested in the two 3lb Burrito challenge at Pinata's Mexican Grill in Bethpage, but I wasn't in the mood for Mexican.

Instead we settled on Ground Round, a place that some see as a step below your local Applebee's or Friday's, but Jay and myself consider the food and service provided superior to those lame chains. At our local Ground Round, the manager created a challenge: eat their 3lb burger, fries, and all the condiments within an hour and its free! We had never seen any pictures of this burger before, so shock wasn't even close to what we experienced as the burger was placed in front of Kimbo. The burger was just around a foot off of the plate, with a skewer put right down the middle to keep it stacked. A faint "Oh God" could be heard from Jay when the chef came out of the kitchen, beast in hand.

I spent the rest of this adventure recording him getting in on this plate. To prevent sickness, I'll just spare some of the highlights. "The guy asked for bbq sauce and mozzarella cheese on it, I wanted to smack him!" was what the Manager/Chef told a patron about preparing the burger. I put on my best Mickey Goldmill impression and assisted Kimbo through the almost 5 pounds of food. He started off fiercely in the first half hour, but the midway point seemed to be the killer. The waitress serving us shared a story of a man who attempted this cow leg and pretty much puked his brains out, leaving her with a bucket of vomit and a messy floor to clean up. Fun stat: out of the 50 people who have tried to eat this thing in the past 4-5 months of its creation, a whopping 19 have conquered it. After about 25 more minutes, Jay placed the fork down in defeat. With only two buns and a patty left on his plate, he decided not to be another barf story and called it a meal. Even though food may have defeated the Tiger, the chef commended Jay for being the only man who devoured all the condiments and fries without eating the rest of the burger. As for myself, I couldn't even finish eating my plain old bacon burger after watching him eat all that meat.

If youre in the mood for some good eats, Ground Round is definitely at the top of my list after my experience there. The burger quality was on point, service was great and they pretty much have a meal deal for every day of the week (Happy Hour 4-close, 2for1 appetizers, buy 1 get 1 free burgers).

If you guys want to see us try a food challenge, or have a story of your own, email me at 1gandhirodriguez@gmail.com, hit us up through Twitter or Facebook!



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