Back to School Movies, Hosted by Extra Butter!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This past Friday I attended Back to School Movie night @ Extra Butter, a clothing/sneaker store located right off of Merrick Road in Rockville Center (For those who actually live on Long Island). I've been a fan of the store, not only because they have some of the most exclusive clothing and shoes on the East Coast (very literally, my friends), but because the people who own and run this store are cool, super friendly people.

I'm gonna hold off on the rest of my experience at Movie Night for when I actually have the pictures that go along with the crazy evening. But if anyone is a fan of John Hughes, dope ass clothing, and a great interactive movie experience, you should definitely attend this or next weeks showing. Hope to see you guys there!

for more info, click the "Extra Butter" Link on the right of our page!



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