The Foreign Exchange Featuring Muhsinah - "House of Cards"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Foreign Exchange feat. Muhsinah - "House Of Cards" from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

EDIT: Since Jay doesn't like to read my entries, I decided to paste my blurb on The Foreign Exchange in his post since I posted this video about 6 hours before he did. HA NOW U GOTTA READ MY ISH.- Gandhi

The Foreign Exchange release a second video off of their sophmore album, Leave It All Behind. The team of Nicolay on production and the multi-talented Phonte Coleman have definitely let the sound of the group progress naturally.

LIAB is also sprinkled with features by the eclectic, super amazing, funky singer Muhsinah. The chemistry between Phonte & Muhsinah on tracks is completely heart-melting, especially with the music Nicolay has crafted for them. Hall of Justus affiliate Darien Brockington and YahZarah also contribute to the project, which is only natural if you've followed Phonte's musical career with Little Brother.

So getcha' grown folk on, dust off the two-steppers and dim the lights as you lighten the load with The Foreign Exchange.



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