Get Familiar: Wendel Patrick

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"I don't need sample libraries. I hear what I want to create in my head, and I find a way to make it happen"--Wendel Patrick, quoted in SEN Baltimore Magazine

It's a strenuous process for any person or self-proclaimed artist to get out his or her vision. Technology has not yet been invented to allow what creative energies exist within our mind to be mapped out onto a canvas, written on paper, or take the form of a music composition. Usually such Hip Hop producers such as Kanye West and Dr. Dre work tirelessly to create a masterpiece--an artistic work of music that mirrors closely if not exactly the creative vision within the crevices of their mind. These producers also need the assistance of a keyboardist, bassist, guitar player, and some other multi-instrumental musicians to capture as best as possible their vision.

This is not the case for Kevin Gift (alias: Wendel Patrick) who recreates the essence of Hip Hop using his own sounds. He plays every instrument that creates the sounds on textures within his musical soundscape. With his buzz getting louder by each released track and album, expect this artist to be recognized by such musically abstract artists such as Madlib, Flying Lotus, Scott Herren, and Kieran Hebden. His music is not that alienating or too experimental that requires an acquired taste to appreciate it. Any one who is a fan of Flying Lotus and Nicolay would appreciate his blend of robotic blips, scratchs, and violins that create a melodic atmosphere.

His album, Sounds is available at Apple's Itunes,, Napster, and his website. New material and album is tentatively going to be released Summer '09.

Image is accredited to XLR8eR Magazine.



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