What the Flarmf is up?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What the flarmf is up? Can people take the blindfolds off? and put the record player on? put the television remotes down? and pick a damn book up? not only see the truth but be the truth? Seeing is believing, but what good are you with no eyes to see the light? no ears(i pods) to hear the poet? and no mind to know that peace is out there? People are only as conscious as they want to be and they seem content to be the pawns of a global media-driven psychosomatic frenzy of a chess game. The opiates have succeeded and have decimated your serotonin levels in a mafioso fashion. Allow them to ravage you and rip your dignity from your soul. Allow them to plunge the needle into the backbone of your mind and there, and only there, will you find hollow peace.
What allows people to go so willingly? Knowledge or rather, lack there of. Same reason for the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s. The Bible became accessible in many different languages including, French, Italian, Spanish and most notably, German. Even the Mass was not "performed" in native languages. Before this time, the Mass was done in Latin and only Latin. At that time, and for hundreds of years, only priests and monks wrote and spoke this dead language. So once the text of the Bible was written in the tongues of your average lay person, people began to form their own opinions on God and the Mass and the corrupt nature of the Catholic church.
Without knowledge there's no way to defend yourself or even know that you can or should defend yourself. There a small percentage of people in the world that want you to stay in that
comatose state and not make too much of a racket. Just simply get by and not ask too many questions on the ride. But, at least for me, that gets boring, frustrating, and demeaning to see and feel someone trying to control your thoughts, money flow, clothes you wear, who to fuck, and countless other things that I would enjoy rattling off but I dont want to get off track and forget my main idea. FEAR
"Fear" is their drug of choice. Fight the fear. "Swine flu" or "Beer Pong Herpes" are examples of how they manifest the drug and allow it to grow. The media is the needle that takes the drug to the people. Fear in high doses can trample hope and power bomb reason. It triggers our survival mode in which we do not think but act on instinct. If we do not think then we can easily be led astray from what we want to do. And whats sad is that we are made to believe that that is what we want to do. So I say stop it! stop believing the hype. WE the people are in control. What we dont know is that "they" are scared of us. They know what we can be capable of if we ever got on the same page. We control the how the money is spent in this country. We control if the Mets or Yankees or Knicks stay in business (just dont go to the fucking game). Its as simple as just thinking of it like that and not conforming to what is considered an enjoyable evening. Look deep, I mean deep, down inside and really ask yourself, "Who am I?" "What do I want?" Then look around.... guailo4



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