Please Don't Spoil My Day...

Friday, May 1, 2009

First off, i bought some new sneakers!! Some nice Nike Force Package (i think?) and some classic Vans Zapato Del Barco (Spanish for the Boat Shoe). As the weather gets nicer, be advised to get fresh!

Props to Russell and that little mop-top kid we met at Extra Butter. Extra Butter is one of the most exclusive sneaker and clothing stores on Long Island, period. Based in Rockville Center, anyone who strives to look fresh and make their friends go "where the FUCK did you get those sneakers?!?" should visit this spot. It has a personal feel to it and the guys who work there are passionate about their jobs. Plus they have sick gear you will probably never find anywhere else other than the internet. Occasionally they play movies there for the patrons, a pretty nifty novelty if i do say so.

In addition to wanting to spend money, the nice weather makes motherfuckers want to go outside, lighten the atmosphere and listen to some jams. Dub, We listened to some James Brown, Kraftwerk, and this record called B-Music, paying homage to the shitty quality movies of generations past. Hope ya'll have been enjoyin these sunny days like the rest of us.



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