Chris Hemsworth is Thor! Jesse Lacey from Brand New on Marvel Comics!

Friday, September 25, 2009

So my brain is hopped up on sugar from this half-gallon of tropical punch, while im waiting two hours for the deli to open so I can buy my ass some bacon egg and cheese. A random question popped into my head: who is going to play Thor in the Avengers movie? We had our Hulk, Iron Man, Nick Fury, no Captain America or Ant Man just yet, either. But according to the internet Chris Hemsworth, the guy who did a stellar job of playing Captain Kirk in the new imagining of Star Strek, was cast as the God of Thunder. Natalie Portman will be playing Jane Foster, Thor's love interest.

In other comic related news, I stumbled upon this video of Jesse Lacey talking to some Marvel reps about some of his favorite comic books and the new album. The guy from Marvel seems a little geeked out around Jesse, I bet hes a BN fan. Yes Jesse, this is your bands 4th studio album. geez!                   



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