Things the '09 VMA's Taught Me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Other than Mr. West's 30th attempt to rebel an award show, there were some videos that i totally forgot about, or had never even seen before. I can easily blame that on not watching broadcast television for the 5-6 years now. Most of them were in the "Breakthrough Video" category, which featured videos that pushed the envelope visually and/or message-wise.

The Matt and Kim won the award for the "Lesson Learned" video, in which the duo walk along a New York street while stripping naked.

Gnarls Barkley's video for "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" was a video I wanted to post on the site when it first came out, but for some reason I think forgot to. The video stars Jorma Taccone, who is also in one of my favorite movies ever -  Hot Rod!

This group I've never heard of called Passion Pit also did this really creative video where the backdrop of the whole thing is kind of like this collage/paper mache thing  with some tear away action going on, and the song is pretty catchy!

The Cold War Kids pretty much redefined the meaning of an interactive music video with "I've Seen Enough", which gives the watcher full choice of style or inclusion of each band member playing the song, track by track. The song is great and the video leaves you entertained for a good while, listening to the different mixes you can make or listening to some fan favorites.

If you like these videos, check out MTV's full list of nominees for Breakthrough Video  and other categories.

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