No More Interscope Artists Played on Hot97?!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After Eminem's upcoming album cover was released yesterday, World Famous Hot97 DJ, Funkmaster Flex has threaten not to play any Eminem records as well as artists coming from Interscope records until a matter is resolved between him and Nino, a record executive at Interscope Records. Nino or Interscope Records has 24 hours to respond to DJ Funkmaster Flex request or else records coming from Interscope artists will be taken off the air.

Details surrounding what exactly incited the legendary DJ to make the ultimatum remain unknown. Who will be the loser? Interscope Records losing a major radio market for Relapse, Eminem's first album in five years? Or Hot97 because of the number of artists that Interscope has under contract and being in a competitive radio market that virtually plays Hip Hop and R&B records?

Update: Apparently, the reason is that Nino has a lot of influence and control over certain Interscope artists. He refuses to allow certain artists to be played at the urban radio station Hot97; he only allows pop stations to play artists (think BEP's Boom Boom Boom and Flo Rida's Right Around). There are no more radio stations in NY that play any Rap music. All urban stations, except Hot97, play R&B or Top 40 records.



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