Record Store Day - Travelin Circuitz@Jeremy's Ale House

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday, April 18th was this year's Record Store Day. People were urged to go help the economy by supporting their local vinyl-selling stores, either through financial or moral means. Dub-CX and his partner Reginoff Jimbrowski host a bi-monthly DJ show at Jeremy's Ale House on the Mile. It's a very refreshing change to go to a bar not have the typical 40 songs in rotation as every other bar in the world. The crowd wasn't your typical body of barflies, however some were in attendance. Mr. Garcia invited me to be his partner in a game of beer pong, so i dusted off the arm and surprisingly carried us to victory on the first game. Regi was blastin some funky bumpin music the whole night, everything from that shit reminiscent of House Party days to some gems and rarities. Dub's set was a journey through the music I love to listen to. I was a little tipsy but i definitely remember some Dilla in the mix. Here's a clip of brethren jammin behind the turntables (it's dark, but you get the idea.):

Unfortunately, "authorities" came and we had to shut down the show earlier than expected. I really would have liked to listen to the rest of the shit J wanted to spin, but the hand came down hard. However, i do think the night was a success. Attendance was good, music was live, good times were definitely had. Their next show at Jeremy's will be Saturday, May 9th.

P.S. - Listen to Big Sean's new mixtape, UKNOWBIGSEAN
Part of Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music Group.

Shots from Saturday:

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