Get Familiar: Pseudo Slang

Thursday, May 21, 2009

When a friend usually recommends me a music artist or band that he/she is friends with, I usually pass on checking them out. Too many times these recommendations have left me disappointed and believing that friendship got in the way of true objective criticism. Despite Pseudo Slang, consisting of Emcee Sick and producer/rapper Tone Atlas, being signed to New York based Fat Beat Records, I was still hesitate in checking the group out.

What changed my mind to put this jazz-infused Hip Hop group on this week's Get Familiar? I was chillin' with Dub-Cx when he had them playing on his stereo. Always a sucker for a Hip Hop group that uses jazz-infused, soul break-beats, I asked who was playing on the stereo. Dub-Cx replied frenziedly, "Pseudo Slang!"

Pseudo Slang hail from Buffalo, NY. Over the past decade, they have garnered a lot of attention on the underground Hip Hop scene. In 2004, they self-released Catalogue, a compilation of tracks recorded between 1999-2004. After the chase of many indie Hip Hop labels, the group settled on signing with Fat Beats Records. In 2006, they released a chill, smooth, honey dutch joint, Broke and Copasetic 12 inch record featuring songstress Vinia Mojica (where have you been?!!!). With the record buzzing, the group toured nationally and across the world with Jeru the Damaja, Tanya Morgan, and Masspyke. Following the success of the record and tours, they released a mixtape, Thank God Its Not Another Mixtape in 2007.

Fat Beats will release their highly anticipated LP, We'll Keep Looking on June 2nd. If you're into A Tribe Called Quest, Sound Providers, or Kev Brown, you will not be disappointed by Pseudo Slang.

Preview their new album, We'll Keep Looking!



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