Night at the Museum

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday night i was supposed to see Flying Lotus at Club Love with Johnny. To make a long story short, I'm glad i was too pressed for time to go that night.

Instead, i accompanied my homeboy to the Museum of Natural History on Friday, which was hosting performances by FlyLo and another DJ by the name of Kode9. The Rose Center was its usual blue-lit cube encasing a giant sphere, however there was a nasty thump that could be felt as we approached the museum. Once inside, i couldn't help but feel a bit awkward and out of place as i saw crowds of swank and swagger. As we took the Cosmic Course, (a winding staircase with planets and fun factoids for those who missed the 4th grade school trip) I noticed what seemed to be a bar with 4 well dressed gentlemen standing at attention. Throughout the crowd little tables were strategically placed and the large bottom level acted as the pit. The crowd ranged from business-types who looked like they just got out of work and decided to take a stroll trough the museum, to those really BAD smelling kids who like to wave their arms funny and damn-near pass out from overheating. It was weird placing my Budweiser bottle on a display of the solar system i remember inspecting as a child, I must say. Kode9 had just started his set when we arrived, and the crowd was starting to trickle in. I don't really know too much about this guy but he seemed to have a very good taste in music. Johnny noticed a few Hudson Mohawke tracks in his mix and the crowd was vibing pretty heavy off him. This was not your typical hip hop show by any means, and FlyLo is farthest from typical hip-hop.The stage had one of those image jumbling machines which was in sync with the equipment to a certain degree so the spot definitely was setting the mood of the show.

After about an hour I noticed FlyLo lurching around the stage. Slowly but surely the transition of DJ's was complete and Mr.Lotus took command of the boards, or board should i say. From what i saw his only real piece of equipment was an MPC. Regardless, he ripped it with that little box; playing favorites such as Parisian Goldfish and Tea Leaf Dancers. Flying Lotus has a pretty solid command of his technique, however i do believe there weren't enough of his fans at the spot. People who haven't really listened to his arrangements wouldn't be very excited watching him perform them the way he does. Regardless the set was enjoyable and the cuts were on point. I caught a video of him playing that Milli remix he did but its so dark and low quality with sound i didn't want to post it here (can see it on my YouTube page tho).

The best part about this whole thing was that if you got kinda bored or restless, there was shit to do and see. The museum aspect kicked in while you walked around looking at trippy spacey lights being reflected on the ceiling, or walking around the Rose Center and looking at moon rocks or pictures and displays of all sorts while still LISTENING to the music you came to hear. Me & J definitely took full advantage of this and went on our own space odyssey.

As the event was wrapping up, Kode9 took command of the boards for a little bit. Johnny and I had migrated to the backside of the stage only to notice FlyLo chilling in the cut once again, this time about 5 feet right in front of us. We both noticed the golden opportunity; as i turned around to get J's attention homie was already taking out the Los Angeles Double Vinyl he had brought along, red marker in hand. I watched as brethren went over and tapped Flying Lotus' shoulder, asking for his tag. When he came back i read what it said and bugged the fuck out. Shit was written in the stars.

Here are some pictures from last night:

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