Stix N Stonz Presents... Do #'s

Sunday, April 19, 2009

About a month ago, me and Pat (Stix N Stonz) were chilling and reminiscing about old times, and somehow a certain person was brought up in conversation. A dude who was in and out of our lives like a true character. A unique being that no one on this planet could mimic or resemble even if they tried. Sin aka Zone 3 aka Do #s, a person of many names to the single identity. I walked to Pat's studio on Thursday with the intention of bottling the beer we've been brewing for the past few weeks. To my surprise, a pink drink sipping, grinning face sat next to pat in the studio.

Personally, i met him through Pat a few years back. Even then this guy had a true desire to want to succeed with his rap. #s has a ego and intellect that reminds me of myself, honestly. He chooses to live a lifestyle and direct his energies into wanting to constantly do bigger shit. An Alpha Male, Leader-not-Follower attitude towards life in general. All of this shit makes for a great person to watch spit some bars that can make you hear a beat you may have heard before in a whole new way. His content is not fabricated; one of the few young rappers out there who lives the life he raps about.

The I spent a few days over in Pat's studio along with #s. Within those 48 hours i watched these guys do about 6 tracks. Complete tracks with verses and hooks and doubles, ad libs all that shit. Watching this was somewhat of an eye opening moment; these guys just got into this groove and busted these things out like this wasn't the first time wed seen him in like, two years. Were young, and if we want to get shit done these are the years where we make it happen. #s was recording some Spanish-Reggeaton type track and wanted a vocalist to sing the hook in Spanish. Pat was awesome enough () to mention that i could kind of sing, and that i spoke the language! I really don't consider Reggeaton music. I really don't. But fuck it, these guys got me hyped cuz they were doing all this music so i just wanted to contribute to it. So i filled in on the track and sang some silly little line, i definitely had fun with it and it was my first time ever really singing like that in a booth.




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