Get Familiar: Laura Izibor

Friday, June 26, 2009

When DJ Premier remixes your track, you know the artist that he's working with has something special and unique. When I heard Laura Izibor's From My Heart to Yours, I was captivated by her voice. That's what immediately draws you into her music and performance and never let's you go.

This girl can sang and all you could do is nod your head, take a deep breathe, and belt every lyric and melody throughout the song. The blogger and naive music fan in me may draw comparisons to Alicia Keys, Natasha Bedingfield,Christelle Michelle, and Corinne Rae Bailey; nevertheless, the music journalist is going to allow her music speak for itself and allow her own identity some breathing room. This soul sista is from Ireland. It seems like outside of the U.S. in places such as Ireland, Australia, U.K. are the only places to get R&B sings with rich vocals and strong melodies and know how to sing without autotune.

Her debut album, "Let the Truth Be Told" was released on June 16, 2009. Please please please do yourself a favor and check out her song, "From My Heart to Yours".



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