OC Supreme Presents Lights Off LP

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who misses slow jams rather than the fast pace Hip Hop/Electro style of music that radio and clubs all over play today? Today many R&B singers present raw, raunchy, uncut lyrics on what they would do to a woman in the bedroom but they forgot one thing that sets the tempo: foreplay. Traditionally, foreplay was something that a man had to do to get his partner ready for sex. It was a little extra spice before the sexual experience reached maximum velocity and intense pleasure.

Thankfully, I found this Slow Jam LP off a blog because my Slow Jam mixtapes have many scratches on them. And who sells mixtapes anymore?!


1. Public Announcement - All Work, No Play
2. H-Town - Full Time
3. Jon B. - Inside
4. Robin Thicke - Teach U A Lesson
5. Alicia Keys - Feeling U, Feeling Me
6. Jamie Foxx - Weekend Lover
7. D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel)
8. Jodeci - U & I
9. Raheem DeVaughn - Ask Yourself
10. Marques Houston - Always & Forever
11. R. Kelly - It Seems Like You're Ready
12. Jaheim - Ghetto Love
13. Dwele - Weekend Lover
14. Drake - Bria's Interlude (feat. Omarion)
15. Brian McKnight - Your Love is Ooh
16. Donell Jones - Natural Thang
17. 112 - Sexy You
18. Tank - My Body
19. Usher - Can U Handle It?

Lights Off LP!
Back-up Link!

Disclaimer: You can blame me if this LP leads to pregnancy, but don't expect me for paying for any expenses. It's baby producing music. You've been warned.

Hint to Rappers, R&B Singers, and Men in General: It takes about 30 mins. to arouse a woman so foreplay will be useful way to set the mood, set the tempo, and provide for prolonged stimulation that will result in your woman climaxing.



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