At the Movies: P-Star Rising

Friday, May 29, 2009

In an age where "real" rap culture nothing more than a memory, those looking for hints of its essence will be excited about this documentary. Though the movie is already out, i highly suggest people support the raw struggle of a young girl and her father trying to make it in the music industry.

I was browsing through random trailers and stumbled upon this one. I really had no idea what the premise of the film would be about, but i did see this image. For some reason i clicked on it, and i was pleasantly surprised.

From the film's website synopsis:
At age 9, Priscilla, an adorable yet precocious little girl, tells her single-father, Jesse,: “I am going to become a rapper and fulfill your dreams of succeeding in the music business.” Moved by Priscilla’s passion and impressed with her natural talent and undeniable charisma, he begins to teach her all he knows about rapping.

Click here for the trailer.



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