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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I agree with the message of the video: that our generation can change the world one individual at a time. Last week, I volunteered at Greater AME Church in Queens, NY in a program called "Feed the 5000" which runs annually around Thanksgiving time. I was anxious about participating in the program after my experience in New Orleans but I decided to put the past behind me and do the best job that I could possibly do. Our staff of 50 volunteers were able to surpass their goal of feeding 5000 people--and were able to feed over 20,000.

Giving or helping someone less fortunate than myself has been awarding experience to me. Rather than be a liberal yuppie like oftentimes I meet on Long Island, I want to take action rather than merely give my complaints to what the government ought to be doing. Seeing a homeless man or single mother smile or shake my hand profusely after giving them food or clothing makes me appreciate life and the small difference that I make in it.

Hopefully, this coming year, I can actually follow through with this charity effort for children in Africa and Haiti that effectively helps their situation.

Peace & God Bless.



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