Happy Thanksgiving from Bulletproof Tiger! Heres some warm music for y'all.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Every time I see these two guys perform on stage, I'm reminded about how beautiful chemistry can be. I'm thankful for artists like Mos Def and Talib. Every year or so we get a Black Star jewel, such as History off of Mr.Bey's Ecstatic (and it's on a Dilla beat, no less). Here's their performance on Jimmy Fallon, with two cute white girls from some band called Dirty Projectors singing the sample.

Also, here's another creative track from the Rapper/Poet/Activists/Really Tall Guy Homeboy Sandman. I remember when I saw him live for the first time, where he told us the history of an anti-violence track he did for a contest where everyone had to use the same gun-blasting sample in the track. He's told us colorful stories about learning how to drive, and his adventures with LARPING (Google that). Now Sand is bringing a different perspective on the typical "Rapper talks poverty he does nothing about" track with his song "Angels With Dirty Faces". "Imagine you was dyin'/ ain't nobody helped you/ sayin' no one listenin'/ maybe you'd talk to yourself too"


Happy Holidays from the staff here at BPT.

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