Incubus x The Roots = Lets Go Crazy (Prince Cover)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One of my first concerts EVER was the Area 51 Tour hosted by Moby. In that same night me and my BFF Davey got to see Nelly Furtado, The Roots, OutKast, Incubus, and Moby himself all perform. Back in the day this tour was setting some real trends. Not many tours considered crossing so many different musical lines of audiences and succeeding. But on some real shit, not only did this concert introduce me to how amazing all of these artists are when they take the stage, it also changed my perspective on musical tastes. I chose not to limit myself to any type of artist, and to enjoy the emotions they can evoke through their sound. Seeing Nelly come on and do "You Got Me" was just a mindfuck. Now what's the trend? Linkin Park bringing Snoop on tour, Kanye and Lady Gaga, the industry realizes people don't limit themselves anymore.

When I saw ?uestlove tweeting about a Incubus/Roots cover of a Prince song, everything I started touching turned into Skittles. However, right after the initial awe I kept reading and saw that the performance of THAT SPECIFIC SONG would be replaced by a different one during reruns, due to Prince being a bit tough with his licensing. As fate would have it, Dave sent me a link OF THE FUCKING PERFORMANCE. Watching this is just like seeing my life flash before my eyes in a few short minutes. I hope you guys truly enjoy this rare gem of music.



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