Emilíana Torrini - Big Jumps

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Word of Advice: America is NOT where it's at when it comes to REAL music. Case in point, Icelandic songstress Emiliana Torrini.

According to Wikipedia, her big break came in 2002 when she performed "Gollum's Song" for the second Lord of the Rings installment. I'm not really sure what to think about that, but I enjoyed the LotR trilogy.

Music has been a part of her entire life. Her earliest release as an artist was in 1994 with a band called Spoon at the age of 17. She's definitely been putting her time in as a musician, and 2009 seems to be her year. Her latest single "Jungle Drum" from the album Me and Armini has topped the charts in Austria, Germany, Iceland, and the overall European charts.

I wanted to show you guys another single which I consider less "Pop" influenced, however in her defense even "Jungle Drum" doesn't stray too far from her formula of stripped down, gritty instrumentation paired with a Björk-esque voice.

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