Valentine's Day Countdown: Late Pass/ Ketchup

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sorry about not updating yesterday with a countdown selection. So for today I'm gonna hit you with TWO thought-provoking love songs. And who else should I feature other than Kanye West?!

The master of modern day shock-value (sorry, Timbo) never disappoints. Whether it be with his rude/bold/insightful remarks on TV, his more-complicated-than-thou music videos, or the way he dresses? I really respect Mr. West for really realizing how meaningless it is to worry about what other people think of him and just being/living himself. If I was with Amber Rose, I'd be typing in all caps too.

But I digress. "Love Lockdown" is a very strong message about finding value in yourself and using that leverage to cut off that bad connection. "I'm in love with you, but the vibe is wrong. And that haunted me all the way home."

Not many people want to reveal that fucked up part of their thoughts that Kanye isn't afraid to admit.

The next submission into the V-Day Countdown is "Climax" by Slum Village.
I love this song mainly for the braggadocio that SV present to the ladies, with taste. They are letting girls know they are into freaky stuff, but without disrespecting them or talking down to them. This is probably the last rap song recorded that didn't use derogatory phrases to speak to women sexually. Everyone including myself needs to take tips. Once again, we're in a Realm of G's.

Tune in tomorrow for more fun features from your Internet Valentine, Bulletproof Tiger!

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