Corinne Bailey Rae-I'd Do It Again

Saturday, January 2, 2010

So weary, someone to love is bigger than your pride’s worth
Is bigger than the pain you got for it hurts
And out runs all of the sadness
It’s terrifying, life, through the darkness
--Corinne Bailey Rae, I'd Do It Again

Through my experience, I learned you love sometimes more than they love themselves and it never works out. Changing them rarely if ever helps. You love them, but you end up losing.

This song is the first single to Corinne Bailey Rae's upcoming release, The Sea. It's scheduled for release January 26, 2010. The album is inspired by her late husband, Jason Rae, who died of an accidental drug overdose; the tone and lyrics of the album touches on how his different feelings that he was experiencing.

I miss R&B inspired by one's own personal experience rather than a ghost writer or what's selling on the charts or trying to return to an era that has already been. She's a great artist if you haven't checked her out already. Her song-writing and presence is very subtle but powerful simultaneously. It seems to be a very therapeutic album.



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