Throwback: Intro's "Funny How Time Flies"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

About a week ago Jay B posted 50 Cent's rendition of this classic R&B joint. He said that he couldn't find a video to the original, and after a bit of googlin' found a stream of it from our friends at dailymotion.

I don't consider myself a 50 Cent fan. He dropped one dope album in my opinion, and that's it. His lust for money is totally respectable, but for some time I felt that 50 didn't care about the quality or direction of his music, and used it more-so as another form of advertisement for his brand. On some real shit, though, I've been bumping a lot of shit from his Forever King mixtape, because it sounds as if 50 is now delivering quality material that is up to par with his Vitamin Water and clothing line.

So peep the original and enjoy the return of quality 50.



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