Outasight - Dreaming Big.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Outasight is an up and coming Hip Hop artist from the New York area who has managed to create a pretty decent buzz for himself without much major label promotion (not like that really exists for unestablished artists anymore) in an area where the crowds are considered some of the toughest judges of new acts.

Hopefully, people can get past his skin color and take him in as person who's trying to make some genuine music. I first discovered him last summer through Myspace, a very unconventional place for me to find music I actually like. One of the rare times i clicked on a "Hey! you'd love my music check it out!" messages came with a nice surprise.

Outasight's smooth blending of rap and lounge singing channels that Sinatra-Tom Jones type swag. He really doesn't have a lyrical structure to his songs, he switches up between rapping and singing melodies quite frequently. Not because he's showing off, because it seems like he knows how to make a good song. He knows when he should be singing, and when he should be spitting some bars to compliment the instrumental. Every beat he spits on is fire and typically have a live, jazzy sound to them. Oddisee also blesses him with some heat, showing his versatility and ability to work out of his comfort zone.

His unique voice and great taste in production add a great feel to hip hop not many people seem to be tapping into. On some real shit, I'd love to see Outasight/Tanya Morgan on the same stage. These artists are some of the few New Yorkers left who represent real hip hop in our home state, along with people such as the AOK collective (who Outasight has done shows/tracks with in the past)

Below is a stream of his latest single, "Brand New Day"
Look out for his full length release From Here to Eternity third or fourth quarter this year on WMG.

Outasight's Myspace



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