Paul White: Tea and Bump-its

Thursday, June 18, 2009

English hip hop culture is not too different from our own. College students throughout England played Madlib, Dilla,DOOM, Ghostface and the likes just like the American ones did. Though the difference between us and them is that the culture was originated on this land. Everything they know about the beginnings of hip hop culture is through music videos, CD's, television, movies, etc. If anything, their youth probably pays more respect to the rap greats than the young kids running around the streets in the US. However, the UK has developed its own hip hop movement which is probably influenced by many other hip hop scenes in Europe on top of our own.

Paul White is from a generation of kids who bugged out just like I did the first time someone played me Shades of Blue by Madlib. Heavily influenced by The Beat Konducta and Dilla, Paul White began making more hip hop-styled music over his previous work with Electronica and Trance. This is also another piece to his musical puzzle.A friend gave me this piece of music as an introduction to Paul White. The music reminded me of a very Dilla/Flying Lotus influenced artist, but with a more ambient sound. The samples used in some of the tracks were amazing, and made me want to visit an English record store once in my life.

The Strange Dreams of Paul White, his full length release, was released recently with a handmade pillowcase CD case! Peep Here. You can also listen to the full LP at the link.



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